Il Parco della Luna

Il Parco della Luna is a 44-page book published by Ciao Discoteca Italiana in 2023.
But Il Parco della Luna is also a song by the musician and songwriter Lucio Dalla, included in his 1980 album Dalla.

The book is structured in two sections, the first part is printed in black and white with golden pantone color, the second one is full color printed in CMYK.

The idea for the book stems from the desire to interpret, through images, the lyrics of the song Il Parco della Luna by Lucio Dalla, which tells the story of an enigmatic and elusive character, Sonni Boy. He is an outcast by definition, a wanderer, an outlaw who lives "halfway between Ferrara and the Moon". The setting of the story is precisely il “Parco della Luna", the Luna Park.
A series of reflections on how to maintain the structure and poetic essence of the song in book format led to a revision of the initial classic illustrated book approach. I decided to start with an "intro”, a wordless story that actually refers to another song by Lucio Dalla, L'ultima Luna (The Last Moon). L'ultima Luna tells the stories of the characters inhabiting a Luna Park and begins with the line

La settima Luna (The seventh Moon)
era quella del Luna Park (was the one of the Luna Park)

The black and white story with golden Pantone color is, therefore, a small tale of the seventh Moon, the one of the Luna Park.
Only after this “intro” does the text Il Parco della Luna begin, accompanied by the corresponding illustrations. I hope that they preserve the poetry and mystery that surround Sonni Boy and his story intact.