I Gioielli di Elsa

I Gioielli di Elsa is a 48-page comic book for children (and non-children) published by Canicola Edizioni in 2017.

It’s the tale of little Elsa and her faithful dog Karl's rise to success, thanks to Elsa's talent for transforming despised candied fruits into sought-after jewels. Against a backdrop of ambitious, statuesque aunts and petit fashion designers, the narrative immerses us in the crème de la crème of high fashion. Within this elegantly captivating world, a tapestry of vivacious chorus girls, witty intellectuals, Sherlock Holmes-esque detectives, and other peculiar characters seamlessly navigate their way with a delightful blend of nonchalance and irony. It is a voyage of ingenious self-discovery as Elsa, a resourceful child, ventures deep into the heart of the earth.